A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

*deep breath*

*heavy exhale*

Look, y'all, I'm not going to lie to you: this game is not great.

But I am still posting it, because it is the first complete thing I've ever made in GameMaker Studio without following a tutorial and I am proud of that. I am proud of the fact that I set a nice fun-size goal for my first project--make a rudimentary point-and-click adventure game inspired heavily by Mateusz Skutnik's 10 Gnomes games--and I figured out how to do it all by my lonesome in a couple of afternoons.  Mostly, I'm proud that I didn't give in to scope creep the way I might have with uh, certain other projects like Ghost in the Matinee

All that said: this game is hot garbage. I know. I own that. But I had a lot of fun making it, and I learned things that will help me make whatever GMS2 project I do next be maybe a little less of a pile of hot garbage.


- A piece of my original music never before heard unless you happened to be paying real close attention to the Minecraft streams I used to do years and years ago

- Environment slapped together in a piece of free home design software (Sweet Home 3D)

- lol toilet paper 

- NEW IN VERSION 1.1: I lrnd2customcursor and made the nav less crappy, also things you can take a closer look at now tell you so. Also also I remembered that some people don't use Windows and tweaked display names and icons and stuff for Linux and MacOS. Sorry about that.


BGM and environment art are mine, SFX from freesfx.co.uk, various toilet paper images from Pixabay. Full credits are in the readme.txt file included.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run 10rolls.exe.


10 rolls.zip 34 MB

Development log

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