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Ohh this was SO GOOD!!! I saw the words 'Artefact Storage' and i was like 'haha TMA' so imagine my surprise and joy to learn it *was* a TMA fan game!!! it was very well written - I especially liked the ceramic thing, and it was really fun to go entityspotting with the artifacts!! you handled elias' creepiness excellently as well - i LOVED LOVED LOVED how you made his Eye extend all the way out to the player!! that was a really interesting use of the Eye and i almost hope rusty quill sees this and uses that concept in canon!! long story short this was AWESOME, my only complaint is i wish there was more (which isn't a real complaint, the game isn't short or anything - i just liked it so much i was sad when it ended). also, i know this wasn't your intent/purpose with this game, but it would be cool to have more encounters with the canon characters - although again, i see why you wouldn't, and it works better this way for people who find this without knowing TMA. i guess the spider-stranger table just got me thinking about how i wish i, as head of artifact storage, could put enough DANGER stickers on it to keep Sasha away....

long story short: excellent game, i loved it!!! if i could give it 10 stars out of 5 i would!!! <3


Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, like I said this was more "TMA-flavored lrn2Twine exercise" than serious work so yeah, short, canon/timeline given the hairy side-eye and occasionally yeeted right out the window, all that. Though I do kind of wish I'd known about some of the other stuff that shows up in Artefact Storage later in the series, that stuff could have been fun (and it's kind of got me tempted to do a sort of lighthearted parody version where Jon keeps bringing increasingly dangerous stuff like the coffin down on the daily and you-the-head-researcher are growing ever more Tired Of This Shite)

I hate Elias with the fury of a thousand burning suns but God he is such a fun character to write.

I am currently working on a bigger, better interactive TMA fanfic set in mid-late-ish S2, if that is relevant to your interests follow me and Itch will let you know when something drops :)

At first, I was wondering what kind of story could unfold and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. 

If you like reading and seeing where your choices can lead I'd recommend this for you. 

It's quite interesting to see what results some of the decisions can create. 

Overall a great time killer and honestly isn't a bad read.