Welcome to the Magnus Institute. As the new head of Artefact Research, you will be responsible for examining, cataloguing, and securing or disposing of items donated to the Institute, as the situation warrants.

A short piece of interactive The Magnus Archives fan fiction (and a few little "Beefgnaw lrns2Twine" baby steps). 

Obligatory disclaimer: fan project, not even remotely official or sanctioned by RQ, I am playing in someone else's sandbox.

Content warnings: mentions of bugs/worms, unreality, mind control (sort of), teeth where teeth should not be, and uncanny valley type stuff. No sound, no animated or flashing images, no graphic descriptions of violence or gore.


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At first, I was wondering what kind of story could unfold and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. 

If you like reading and seeing where your choices can lead I'd recommend this for you. 

It's quite interesting to see what results some of the decisions can create. 

Overall a great time killer and honestly isn't a bad read.