Case #0061911, or: Beefgnaw Continues to Lrn2Twine

It's now been a couple of months since I released this little learning experience, and in that time I've been a) working my way through the source material quickly, but not too quickly because if I run out of TMA to listen to what am I supposed to listen to on the elliptical? Music? Like some kind of caveman? ...and b) continuing to lrn2Twine so I can come a little closer to giving this podcast the interactive fanfic it deserves.

So at this point, I think it's safe to drop a little teaser: 

Statement of Morgan Baxter, regarding a series of encounters following the acquisition of a secondhand book.

Case #0061911 is currently in development, and I'll be giving it its own itch page when it's a little closer to being done. It's set mid-late S2, though future events will be foreshadowed and hinted at. There will be many familiar faces in the story, some called by name, some not. 

If you enjoyed Artefact Storage, give me a follow and you'll hear all about it when Case #0061911 drops. :)

(obligatory disclaimer: this is an unofficial fangame not endorsed by Rusty Quill in any way shape or form)

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