8/13/18: Progress

Things accomplished over the last few weeks:

  • Loads of sprites! Most of the "Green Tea" cast and crew is done (and all of them what will be in the demo), most of the boss sprites are done, both possible final bosses are done, all three player character sprites are done, a file for male randos has been set up.
  • Talk portraits! Still need to get Giovanni, Caroline, and the director done for the demo. 
  • Battlebacks! Pictured: the women's restroom and lobby backgrounds. Also done: backstage, the men's restroom, the stage.
  • Bug fixes! I had a friend over to playtest and she caught some ...wild stuff that ought not to have been the way it was. All of it is fixed.

Things needed to get demo-ready:

  • Cutscene art. Hoo. The good news is, there isn't much of it in the game. The bad news is, the majority of it is in demo territory. 
  • Do something about the godawful RTP placeholder battle end fanfare
  • Tweak the tileset some more
  • Add bodies to the seats in the auditorium

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