A downloadable game

Welcome to Limina City, where ghosts, goblins, and cryptids* are as real and as common as dogs, cats, and pigeons and professional monster hunters--part private eye, part exterminator--keep the supernatural nuisances under control.

After a rough week, a monster hunter by the appropriate name of Hunter Holystone has decided to take an afternoon off and catch a good old-fashioned human whodunnit at the local playhouse. But her downtime is cut short when a pack of especially rude critters crashes the show. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary infestation--these increasingly dangerous monsters are being drawn to the East Limina City Playhouse, and it's up to Hunter to find out why.

Aiming for release in early fall 2018.

*not aliens though. There's no such thing as aliens. Everyone knows that. There will certainly never be any aliens in this game or any possible sequels or spinoffs.

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