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Hunter Holystone: Ghost in the Matinee

A professional monster hunter takes a day off to see a play. This does not go as planned. · By Beefgnawpolis


Recent updates

HEY GUYS THERE'S A DEMO NOW What we have here is a more or less vertical slice from Hunter's arrival at the East Limina City Playhouse to meeting her sidekick...
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9/4/18: hey guess what :)
So I made an executive decision to just replace that huge chunk of early-game cutscene art with sprite choreography and save the fancy crap for the endgame. Whi...
8/30/18: Meet the Fmitths: a short story
One of the running jokes in the Hunter Holystone universe is, since everyone accepts zombies and vampires and ghosts and other assorted monsters roaming around...
8/13/18: Progress
Things accomplished over the last few weeks: Loads of sprites! Most of the "Green Tea" cast and crew is done (and all of them what will be in the demo), most o...
8/9/18: Meet the Cast, Part 3
Sir George Cartwright (played by Dave Meekins) Sir George is an eccentric but brilliant alchemist. After decades of research, he claims to have attained the ult...
8/8/18: Still more sprites!
"Green Tea" cast and crew sprites NOT done, since it's now quicker to list those: Farnsworth, Higgins, Constable Smith, Frank the Director, the stage manager, t...
8/7/18: Moar Sprites (no pics today but...)
Yeah, turns out sprites are like potato chips. You can't just eat one. ...I mean make one. Whatever. I made three and a half this morning. "Green Tea" cast spri...
8/5/18: Sprites!
Started working on some sprites this week. The Bar Fly and Macbeth Gremlin now have their sprites, as do some of the human people. Pierrot is next. :D

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