4-30-18: Day Job Hell Season

I'll likely be pretty quiet for the next month or so on account of absolute mayhem at my day job. It happens every year about this time and as much as I'd love to sit at home all day and work on this game, the job that actually, y'know... pays the rent has to have priority.

I'll work on new stuff as I can, and post new stuff as I can, at least with some mention of what the cool stuff is. For example: over the weekend, I finally got the Macbeth Gremlin drawn, and have figured out how to implement a feature I'd been wanting since the beginning: an option for the player to attempt to ask boss monsters nicely to vacate the premises, or to bribe them to do so. Of course, if you just really want to throw hands, that's still on the table too but diplomacy has its rewards...

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