5/31/18: Back to work!

Day Job Hell Season is finally over, back to work!

Things done this week:

  • Added the Glutton's peaceful route (pictured)
  • Finished laying out the first level of the final boss lair and stocking it with randos
  • Fine-tuned some dialogue to reflect plot tweaks
  • Added sparkles to some (but not all) crates/drawers/buckets/boxes/etc. containing useful items. I don't really care for the idea of having random obvious treasure chests chilling out in the middle of the room, but while Hunter does now have a bit of dialogue that suggests the player should check boxes and crates for stuff, I figured a little extra visual "interesting thing here" cue wouldn't hurt. Weps and armor will get one; some (but not all!) other items will too.
  • Some items will absolutely not get sparkles. See: Glutton's peaceful route :)

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