6/21/18: Boss Lair and Second Chances

Things done this week:

  • Some fleshing out of final boss lair with bits of plot scattered hither and thither (pictured)
  • More item icons
  • More fine tuning of plot bits
  • The big one: THE BOSS SECOND CHANCE AREA! How many times have you played a game, met a person or a monster or whatever, had the one and only interaction you'll ever have with them, and then found out later if you'd only been standing two pixels farther left and mashed the A button for precisely 4 seconds every time the NPC said the word "that" you would have gotten some amazing wep or badass skill but no, now it's too late, you'll never see that NPC again and you've blown your only chance at ever getting that wep or skill or whatever and it's too far into the game to start over? Yeah. We're not doing that. You WILL get a second chance to shoot the breeze with the boss monsters! You'll get a second chance to talk them out of their sigils and, for a fee, you can even fight them again.  However, the nonviolent route interactions will in most cases be different than before, and should you decide to throw hands with them, be warned that their close proximity to the Big Bad has made them much stronger than the last time you met...

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