7/21/18: Meet the Cast, Part 2

  • Edwin Cartwright (played by James Robert Delray)

Edwin is the son of eccentric alchemist Sir George Cartwright. It’s no secret that his relationship with his father is strained at best… but does his anger run deep enough for murder?

(James Robert is appearing in his first production at East Limina City Playhouse, but he’s no stranger to the stage. He played Tybalt in “Romeo and Juliet” at last year’s Shakespeare Festival in his hometown of Lufkin, Texas and appeared in many productions while attending Texas A&M University. He recently opened a veterinary clinic in Limina City and shares his house with two dogs, three cats, and a goat, all rescues.)

  • Sofia Cartwright (played by Roberta Yazzie)

Sir George’s son Edwin met Sofia while traveling in Italy. They fell in love immediately, and married soon after the two returned to London. But is there a dark secret in her past? And what is her connection to the mysterious Dr. Giovanni?

(Bobbi last appeared on our stage as Mary in “Brittneys” last fall, and recently directed “The Crystal Zoo.” She works as a graphic artist and on the weekends, she volunteers at the Limina City Native Cultural Society.)

(also Bobbi begged the director to please let her do the playbill, that is her job, she is good at it, but no. Frank and his possibly pirated  no-name design software insisted on doing it himself. It, uh. it shows.)

  • And then there's this guy who is not in the play.  He looks, uh... friendly?

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